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Slightly New Look!

Booty Source has received an updated look! Layout is basically the same as before and if you’re surfing the site with a computer, its not that different. The big difference is that the site should look and function a lot better on your phone / tablet. Some of the very old posts might look a bit odd considering they were set up 10-years ago, but this gives me a reason to go back and fix them + organize the categories so the content is easier to navigate.

If you notice any issues, drop a comment below.. otherwise.. get ready for more booty tomorrow!


How to customize silicon sex dolls and enjoy to the fullest?

The use of sex toys is being increasing among both males and females in recent times. The recent addition to sex toys is sex dolls. These dolls are in much demand with males as compared to females, as males want something that matches the real woman rather using a sex toy. Thanks to silicon sex dolls, as they are very much similar to real woman in aspects like structure, softness and curves. A real woman can miss these things but a sex doll never stood a chance.

People who don’t want to experiment with their sexual life and wants smooth and stress free sexual life, silicon sex dolls are the perfect choice for them. These dolls will give you ultimate sexual pleasure for real. One of the best things about these dolls is that, you can customize them according to your desires and fantasies. So, if you have a taste for blonde or a brunette, just go to the customized section and place the order for the doll, just the way you like.

Sex dolls are also known as love dolls for their love pleasure while making out with its partner. These dolls have soft skin with vibrating body parts for enhanced sexual pleasure. They are manufactures keeping in mind the real woman and are loaded with features like heavy hips, gorgeous eyes, Sexy lips, beautiful hair and grown body.

sex doll

How to customize your Silicon Sex Doll?
Most of the love doll manufacturers give us the right to customize our own sex doll. You can customize the dolls according to their Hair, Looks and Size.

Hair: Hair is the important part of the body and changes the look of the whole body. You can decide what kind of hair you need for your sex doll. You can choose from hundreds of wigs like Blonde, Redhead, Black, brunette and many others.

Looks: You can also customize your doll based on looks. You can make your doll look like a celebrity or any other popular public figure. Manufacturing company will build you a similar looking silicon sex doll. So, you can have Kim Kardashian or Nicki Minaj in your bedroom and can have sex with them 24×7.

Size: A realistic love doll weights equal to a normal woman. You can place an order for heavy dolls with big hips and thighs. You can also customize the sex dolls based on skin color and size of body parts.

So, if you have made your mind to get a sex doll, don’t forget to give your preferences. When you are getting an option to customize your sex doll, why not to use it? A realistic sex doll will cost you around $1000 and more, if you go for customization.

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Booty by The Porn Dude!

The Porn Dude

You like big booty, right? I’m gonna guess that you do because why else would you be on this site? Big booty is great, but how do you find the best sites with the best and biggest booty of them all? The Porn Dude, that’s fucking how!! The Porn Dude is a directory site that has gathered all the best porn sites in all sorts of categories including Ebony / Latin tubes and Ebony / Latin premium sites into one super easy to read list. Think of it as the yellow pages of porn (except smaller). It’s all there neatly put together so you can spend way less time searching for booty and way more time enjoying booty with The Porn Dude!

Even if you already have your favorite sites bookmarked you should still check it out for all the other categories they got. You name it, they got it! Celeb blogs, tubes, adult video games, the best nsfw reddits and many other categories you didn’t even know existed. And, here’s the best part. When you use The Porn Dude to go exploring you know you’re visiting the absolute best sites in each category.

Every single website that is listed has been checked and reviewed so you can be guaranteed that its not a scam, contains viruses or is filled with annoying popups or ads. You want a good porn experience and The Porn Dude wants you to have a good experience as well. You can trust him, he’s the fucking DUDE!

So, go ahead and bookmark him because you will have everything you need when it comes to sex within a click or two. Clean up that bookmark folder because after today there will only be two entries. The Porn Dude and Booty Source!

Click here and visit The Porn Dude

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The Only Bootycall Guide You’ll Ever Need to Read!

Most guys are bitches.

As a man, I hate to admit this troubling fact. As much as I’d like to believe otherwise, my many years of living on this planet has left me with no other conclusion. Put simply: most guys are pussys and don’t have what it takes. And I am not just talking about the typical guy’s ability to draw, attract, and fuck hot tail, ugly tail, homely tail, or any tail for that matter.

The sad reality of male bitchassness pervades all of society like a malignant cancer. Most of us guys are simply too intimidated to stare life down and hand it the beatdown it deserves. Most of us are just too comfortable with the idea of taking whatever life gives us. Worst of all, these weak male bitches all too eagerly pull down their pants and bend over for the rectum wreckage life all too eagerly dishes out. Pathetic!

Whether you’re talking about politics, economics, personal finances, personal relationships, career growth, educational opportunities, or whatever else you want to focus on, most guys take the bitch role. They simply get down on their knees and let life throat fuck the hell out of them.

Sad? You guessed it.

Pathetic? Need I say more?

Depressing? Absolutely.

Sadly, this is the lot most guys seem to content themselves with and they are just too willing to take a beating from life and ask for blood-and-feces encrusted seconds. They just take, take, and take and it never occurred to them that they can hit back. It never crosses their mind that there is an alternative to simply bending over and letting life and society fist them over and over again.

If your boss has been treating you like a 25 cent whore when it comes to your pathetic paycheck, you can do something about it. If you run a business and your customers walk all over you, you can do something about it. If you are a customer and the businesses you patronize wipe their collective butts with your self-respect and dignity, there is something you can do about it.

What can you do?

Stare your problem in the eyes, get over your fear, and stand up for yourself. That’s all it takes. When you are the one sheep, out of that huge sad generic flock, who finally musters the balls to stand up, call out, and demand shit, you get listened to. The squeaky wheel not only gets the grease but actually helps make the whole sad clown car’s journey more meaningful and maybe, just maybe, steers it to a destination other than HELL.

Listen… if you are not scoring the kind of pussy that you’ve been dreaming of or you’re not scoring at all, you need to understand how booty calls in the age of Tinder, Ashley Madison, and Adult Friend Finder works.

In fact, you need to throw away all the bullshit you have heard

NO… Scoring with the chicks has nothing to do with how big your dick is. It has little to do with how thick your wallet is or how hard you’re banking. Getting pussy has nothing to do with how closely you resemble Leonardo diCaprio.

In other words, mastering the online pussy and booty call game has NOTHING to do with conventional wisdom. You can safely flush that shit down the toilet where it belongs. If you want to get more pussy and if you want chicks to crave your cock despite the fact that you look like that disgusting fat smelly slob in junior high other kids love throwing pizza crusts at, you only need to wrap your mind around this TRUTH: People will only desire you as much as you desire yourself.

That’s the secret. The cat is out of the bag. The jig is up. I’ve spilled the beans. Insert whatever revealed secret truth cliché phrase here. The fact remains: if you want people to desire you, you have to desire yourself first. How can people find you attractive when you hate yourself or feel that you’re ugly and unworthy of attention? It doesn’t make sense.

Learn to accept yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. Love yourself-and no, I don’t mean jerking your meat. Truly love yourself. Stop beating yourself up. Once you’re able to do this then you will be able to get over your fear and start asking out chicks like a MACHINE. Sure, many of them will turn you down. So what? You will learn what approaches don’t work and you won’t use those. Instead, you’ll figure out what does work and do those more often. Eventually, you’ll get so used to the game of approaching women, laying down a smooth game, and fucking the stuffing out of them that all this becomes second nature.

The art of the Booty Call is a mindset. Get that through your thick skull. Believe in yourself and believe in the game. What do you have to lose? You can lose the lonely nights of jerking off to porn sites. That’s what you’ll lose. In other words, you have everything to gain and NOTHING to lose.

Get on this now! You only have yourself to thank!