Local Cam Girls and Technology Are Changing the Way We Experience Erotica

The local cam girl is enjoying her spot in the limelight as the pandemic drives surge in demand for their services, which could translate into better conditions for models.

Cam girls, cam sites, or sometimes just known simply as “camming”, are starting to get a lot of attention, and not just from their clients. Mainstream media outlets have recently caught on to the surge in demand for cam sites, and have investigated nearly all aspects of this erotic pastime, from the history to the one-on-one interviews with the models themselves. A Local cam girls is featured in revealing and enticing thumbnails, strewn across the homepage on sites like 121girls.com, inviting (of age, of course) customers in to enjoy the fun ready to be had.

Camming is nothing particularly new, but recently, it’s been seen to be carving out an incredibly lucrative, and socially important, niche in the porn industry. Allowing for safer and more collaboratively represented communities. Which has in turn created entirely new paradigms of business strategies, including ways to pay and how far your buck will get you. But is the latest advance in the business built to last? Or will it fizzle alongside of the pandemic?

Prior to Pandemic Life

Even before the global pandemic created absolute upheaval in our lives, changing everything from the way we shop to the porn we watch (yes, “quarantine porn” is now a pretty highly ranked search term); people had been trying to figure out how to get technology to reach the erotic demands of our given era. From the famous flappers of the 1920s, to the big booted strippers that 90s rap loved to write ballads about, we ( as a global society) have seemingly always been fascinated with finding ways to flex our technological muscles in order to soothe our sensual needs.

While the webcam was a ubiquitous product since the time of most modern smartphones, being integrated into nearly every communications device we now own, it actually got its start as early as 1991. When the now well-known device was first developed in order for researchers to keep a close, albeit remote, eye on their black brew of choice. Researchers at the Cambridge University Computer Science Department built the first functional webcam to lay eyes on a very different type of erotic experience— the exploits of their communal coffee pot.

While definitely less sexual in nature, it nonetheless opened a door into voyeurism that had never before been possible. Full surveillance of an object away from the viewer that required no tape, no film, and technically— no storage. By 1994, the internet began to blossom into the digital playground that it would one day become, and the webcam was there. By 1996, JenniCam, perhaps the godmother of all modern-day cam girls, allowed interested internet users to watch every aspect of the everyday life of Jennifer Ringley. The unfiltered, unedited, live stream of Jennifer’s life captivated audiences and art critics alike. Leaving nothing off-limits or left to the imagination, Jennifer dedicated years of her life to the minute-by-minute documentation of her life— including her sexual exploits.

Acceptance of the Local Cam Girl

While JenniCam was just one of the many “lifecasters” of the time, creating a number of Hollywood spinoffs like MTVs The Real World and the blockbuster hit The Truman Show. But for a number of fans, it wasn’t the doldrums of everyday life that really caught their attention, but instead the intimacy of interacting with another person, even if miles apart.

Cam girls, or sites that devote themselves to connected customers with erotic performance artists and models, blew up in the late 90’s and only continued to grow in the following years, as these services offered something truly revolutionary, especially for the growing number of introverts and basement dwelling geeks— the promise of getting to enjoy intimate moments with a fully consenting partner, that only required as much interaction as the customer was comfortable with. Suddenly the realism of your local stripclub had amalgamated with the raw sexuality of pornography. Where you could choose to digitally insert yourself into the situation at hand as often, or as little, as you pleased. Opening up an entirely new outlet for those of us who prefer our social interactions to be limited, but our eroticism to be genuine.

Since the global pandemic has resulted in strict lockdown measures taken throughout the world, demand for webcam services has skyrocketed. Which has meant that more local cam girls— often referred to as models— are not only finding more work with higher demand, but also a greater acceptance of the work they do. Which will (hopefully) inevitably lead to better representation, legal protections, and pay scales. Regardless of whether or not this will be the case, camming sites and the local cam girls that populate them are surely to be around until the next technological revolution leads us to greater heights.

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Freemium vs. Premium Adult Web Cams: What’s the Difference?

Most people who use adult web cams on a regular basis will naturally have their own preferences regarding the freemium vs premium debate. Streaming sites like ePlay have exploded in popularity over the past 12 months in particular, with more people than ever before looking to satisfy their kinks, urges and appetites online.

But when viewed from a completely neutral perspective, which of the two is better? Is it more cost-effective and therefore advisable to stick with freemium sites, or is the best action available exclusively to premium web cam services?

A Question of Choice, Rather than compromise

At the risk of jumping straight to the conclusion, the short answer is – neither. As is the case with most things, they both have their own unique advantages and points of appeal.

The first thing to bear in mind at this point is that there is technically no such thing as a ‘free’ adult web cam service. Which, when you think about it, makes perfect sense. After all, it’s not as if those taking part in the whole thing are doing so pro bono.

They’re earning a living just like anyone else, and in most instances pocketing a pretty penny for their efforts!

Truth is, both services cost money. In terms of how much you spend, that’s entirely up to you. There are nonetheless differences between how you spend money when hooking up with cam girls via these two different types of sites.

Premium Adult Web Cams

Starting out with the traditional option, premium adult web cams have been around since the dawn of the industry itself. This is the more conventional of the two, where anyone looking to sign up has to pay a specific price. Or perhaps, a subscription fee on a regular basis.

This could be anything from a token amount to a pretty hefty chunk of change, depending on the type of site you’re looking at and the kinds of services on offer. Once you have signed up, there are plenty of chat rooms you can gain access to and ‘events’ to check out with no additional payment being mandatory.

Think of it a little like a conventional sex show – you pay to get in and get your kicks accordingly. Tipping is still possible and very much encouraged, but you can still technically get by without paying anything else after the entry fee or subscription fee.

Of course, the obvious disadvantage of premium sites is the way in which you have to pay no matter what. Irrespective of whether you make use of the services on offer and/or find anything of interest to you, there’s no getting around the payment.

And if you choose to go ahead and tip the performers – which is absolutely something you should be doing – you could end up paying more than you bargained for.

Freemium Adult Web Cams

The term ‘freemium’ is used to describe these adult web cams as while it’s technically free to get up and running, you still need to pay a fair price for what’s on offer. In this instance, there’s no subscription fee or entry fee whatsoever. No mandatory initial charge, and you can come and go as you like.

With freemium web cams, the goal there is to get as many people interested as possible and encourage them to tip the models and performers doing their thing. Rather than being forced to pay as part of the service, those watching freemium adult web cams cam browse what’s on offer, find performers they’re into and offer them gratuities as they see fit.

Contrary to common presumptions, this can actually result in much better value for money for the viewer and generate much healthier salaries for the performers. Tips and gratuities vary wildly from one punter to the next, but it’s not uncommon for three or even four figures to change hands on a regular basis.

The only potential drawback with freemium is the possibility of some sites and rooms getting incredibly crowded and congested at peak times, which depending on who you’re hooking up with can make the experience feel slightly less personal.

The Best of Both Worlds…

In any case, the easiest way to find out what works for you (and your bankroll) is to give both a try. The vast majority of premium sites offer free trials and obligation-free introductory periods, so you can at least have a look before having to hand over any money.

Freemium sites are likewise free to access and browse to your heart’s content, so feel free to play the field until you find something that clicks.

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Canela Skin Drops a Pink Dress!

Sexy new photos of latin porn star Canela Skin dropping a pink dress! Is it just me or does she look fitter? Like she dropped some weight. Still got that same big booty though.

Pictures from: Porn Fidelity

Canela Skin in Skin to SkinCanela Skin in Skin to SkinCanela Skin in Skin to SkinCanela Skin in Skin to SkinCanela Skin in Skin to SkinCanela Skin in Skin to SkinCanela Skin in Skin to SkinCanela Skin in Skin to SkinCanela Skin in Skin to SkinCanela Skin in Skin to SkinCanela Skin in Skin to SkinCanela Skin in Skin to Skin

Busty Kelly Madison lets her husband bring porn stars into their bedroom at Porn Fidelity!

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Tori Montana Strip in the Kitchen!

Ebony porn star Tori Montana is getting ready to make some fresh orange juice but before she starts squeezing she starts stripping! I see some other things that are juicy besides oranges in these pictures..

Pictures from: Reality Kings

Tori Montana - Make That Pussy DripTori Montana - Make That Pussy DripTori Montana - Make That Pussy DripTori Montana - Make That Pussy DripTori Montana - Make That Pussy DripTori Montana - Make That Pussy DripTori Montana - Make That Pussy DripTori Montana - Make That Pussy DripTori Montana - Make That Pussy DripTori Montana - Make That Pussy DripTori Montana - Make That Pussy DripTori Montana - Make That Pussy Drip

Watch the FULL video of Tori Montana in Make That Pussy Drip at Reality Kings!

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5 Tips for Better Sex After 50

The human body will surprise you. Even as you continue to age and mature and find that some things you enjoyed while younger don’t excite you anymore, the pleasurable cells of your anatomy keep regenerating, and even at the age of 50 and beyond, you still fancy some touch and steamy sexual action. The saying that you are as old as you think is quite true because no matter the years you have been waking on this planet, you can still have a healthy sex life if you want to.

It, however, takes two to tango, and if you and your partner want to spice things up in your senior years, you need to talk about this openly and figure out what you need to do to make it happen. Sometimes in a relationship, you might find that one partner has a higher sexual drive than the other, and in such a case, it’s possible for the active partner to feel sexually unsatisfied. Open up about things that you want to try. For more brave experiments, mature sex dating may turn into something new for you and bring pleasure.

• Get Regular Exercise to Have Beautiful Booty at Any Age
Sex is a highly physical exercise, and as such, it requires a fit body. The best way to get a beautiful booty that your partner will be drooling over every time they see you is by regular exercise. You could join your local gym or form a jogging team with your friends to burn those extra calories and give you a fine-toned body. Thanks to the internet, you can watch YouTube fitness tutorials or download a gym app to keep fit at home.

• Sex at 50-Plus: It Is Never Too Late for the Experiment
As you grow older, it’s possible to look back and regret the things you did not try. That cute boy who wanted to kiss you as a teenager, but you turned them down or the years that you spent not giving in to your sexual urges. At the age of 50, you are not old at all. In fact, this the beginning of a new chapter of your life that can be filled with positive vibes, lots of laughter, and good sex if you want. It might be the right time for you to pick up your phone and reply to those messages that you have been ignoring.

• Get Comfortable
One factor that contributes to a great sexual experience is being comfortable and relaxed. For example, your partner may want to try out anal sex, but you may not be so much into the idea. The best thing is to let them know, and both of you can come up with a list of the romantic things you are comfortable doing. The aim is to have your partner on 100% productivity when they are making love to you.

• Talk Things out
Communication is a key in a relationship and having great sex. For instance, if there is a spot that you enjoy being touched, tell your partner about it. If you enjoy your cookie jar getting licked so that you can climax, be open about it. Discussing sexual matters with your partner develops a stronger emotional bond between the two of you, and as a result, you get a happier sex life.

• Mature Dating for Sexual Performance
Mature dating can be so much fun, even regarding sexual performance, because you deal with an experienced person who has mastered the art. Mature people also tend to know what they want, so there is no beating around the bush. You can look for a suitable partner that suits your tastes and have some regular sex exercise sessions.

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