Amber Easton Video

More Amber Easton, this time in the form of a video.
If the video is dead please report by sending me an e-mail
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2 comments on “Amber Easton Video”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Supposedly, there is a video of her giving some guy a blowjob. Something I found when I googled her name. . .

  2. Joe Non says:

    Thats true I have that was one of her last vids (and a “secret” vid) of her fomer and now debunked orignal site. Apprantley the vid got her in trouble form what I heard. The guy she was blowing wasnt her B/F and her former (and now ex) b/f called off the relationship… whats worse its rumoured she discovered she was pregnant not too long after that…which would explain her sudden year and a half leave of absence from the net..interesting yet sad at the same time..

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