Buffie The Body

This is Buffie the body. I don’t think there is a need for me to explain why I like her. She’s been in a bunch of rap videos and she loves to show off her fat ass at her website simply called Buffie The Body

Buffie The Body Buffie The Body Buffie The Body

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8 comments on “Buffie The Body”

  1. toe-nezzy says:

    u got a fat ass

  2. J Gutta says:

    do u suck dick?

  3. dasean says:

    will u fuck me?

  4. scootman says:

    slap that azz on my dick

  5. Cedric says:

    Baby we dont know each other, but if we ever get the chance to meet I would slither my tounge all up inside of you.I would lick you up and down like a icecream on a hot sumer day I would make you feel like youve never felt in your intire life.If I get to know you, I would eat you mad crazzy like for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  6. whitey says:

    ^ they talk to themselves

  7. jermarcus says:

    hey sweetie how u doing well i respect you as a women nothing more nothing less.Keep doin what u doin that make you happy u got my support baby.If u can take time out give me a call shawty.My name is jermarcus,.I am from Mississippi i just move to Vegas.It was ice talking to u u can find me at my myspace same as my e-mail address

  8. BigHRD2 says:

    well anybody on this website cuss, you have no manners
    its a shame we can please the intellect of a black woman
    instead we use harsh words and profanity to describe
    things, one day i would like to get on the Internet
    and not see my people using foul language to describe
    the models like Buffie The Body, Tiara, etc who be
    on this site after all they are respected black women
    as black women in your families.

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