Weekend Special: Garcelle Beauvais In Playboy

No pussy shots 🙁
but she is looking good either way. There is a pretty good chance these pics will be dead soon so just shoot me a mail when they are.

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9 comments on “Weekend Special: Garcelle Beauvais In Playboy”

  1. Zeke says:

    ive always wanted to see that hoe nude eva since i was like 10

  2. cj says:

    i finally get to see her naked.

  3. jd says:

    i love her tits, i am so hard right now i just wanna stick my dick up her pussy making her moan and deepthroating so hard…

  4. Cant believe it says:

    OMFG I cant believe it still, and it’s been like 2 weeks I’ve known about this. She’s sexy as fuck. You know what I would do to her? Wonder if Jamie hit? Bet it was great, lol. FANCIE

  5. king goffy joe says:


  6. frank says:

    this girl is awesome! i went to town on myself all night

  7. more pussy please says:

    what no pussy shot

  8. jpizzle says:

    I loved garcelle ever since I seen her on an episode of family matters years ago.

  9. Valentim says:

    Q neguinha fabulosa !!!

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