Gracie Bon Says “My Butt’s Too Big for Airplane Seats!”

Big butt model Gracie Bon is launching a petition for airlines to get bigger seats that will accommodate women with huge asses like hers!

She says she’s having trouble getting settled for takeoff, even when she’s flying first class. She can’t even buckle up without a seatbelt extender.

Gracie either wants the seats to be wider, or deeper for her to be comfortable on an airplane. “It’s not my fault to have an ass this big.” she says.

For the people who suggest she buys two seats – she released the following message:

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3 comments on “Gracie Bon Says “My Butt’s Too Big for Airplane Seats!””

  1. Shotakki Butt Booty says:

    This is a disgrace

  2. Donald k Thomas says:

    it is entirely her fault her ass is that big.

  3. It's sad actually says:

    This is what happens when everyone gets a trophy for anything they do as a child.

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