One of the Clermont Twins May go to Jail for Fraud!

Shannade Clermont who is known from Bad Girls Club, being a model for Yeezy’s Season 6 campaign and on Instagram as one of the Clermont Twins, has plead guilty to felony wire fraud after she charged $20,000 to the debit cards of a man who died after meeting her for sex in exchange for money.

Officials say that after the man who Clermont was meeting for sex died of an overdose, she used his identity and debit cards to make thousands of dollars in fraudulent purchases. Police determined that Clermont had visited the man the previous evening for prostitution purposes after they read through text messages on his phone.

A search of the man’s room also revealed a used condom, a clear baggie containing cocaine, a rolled-up dollar bill, and a possible fentanyl tablet, police said.

After the unidentified man died, police said Clermont took two debit cards from his wallet and repeatedly charged them for months after his death. The reality TV star allegedly used the man’s card to shop, purchase airline tickets, pay her phone bill and cover her rent.

Clermont now faces up to 20 years in federal prison. A judge will determine her sentence at a hearing Feb. 13 next year. Source

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