8 comments on “Jata Brown”

  1. Joe3000 says:

    Couple things.

    1. She’s black not Latina
    2. Her name is Italia Blue

    Look her up on Bangbros she’s done a couple of movies for them and a few other websites, One of my favorites

  2. brian spinwell says:

    I love it . I love it.

  3. White Rod says:

    I’d leave a quart of white hot love running down her ass & those beautiful legs

  4. Derek says:

    dumb ass, jata brown is her real name fuck face

  5. Mason 730 says:

    I’m in love with Jata Brown. I’ll eat that pussy all day & night. Dam my dick just got hard!

  6. Fatcat says:

    I would give her asshole sum head

  7. AFG says:

    her ass is so juciey i could eat it all day and i could FUCK her all day.and i just got a boner

  8. charles says:

    Yes… Yes lord yes.

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