Kira Noir has New Bigger Boobs!

Porn star Kira Noir had a boob job and she is showing off the new bigger tits in the locker room for this new Brazzers’ episode! What do you think of the new tits? I like them! I think she should’ve kept them a bit smaller and it would’ve looked more natural but all in all – thumbs up from me!

Pictures from: Brazzers Network

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14 comments on “Kira Noir has New Bigger Boobs!”

  1. Golden says:

    I preferred her old boobs personally. But I just hope she don’t do anything to that face, one of the most gorgeous women in the game.

  2. Drew says:

    Her appeal was having that slim body type.
    Now, she has two random knots on her chest. Lame.

  3. Jon williams says:

    Kira was perfect without the boob job. Too bad she ruined a great body. Most boob jobs look bad. Bigger is not always better

  4. Stretch says:

    I loved her slim flat chest body but I love the boobs. Always loved nice tits on a small frame.
    Just no more done to that pretty face, u were already gorgeous

  5. Data says:

    That is unfortunate. Her natural tits fit so much better. Sorry Kira, you lost a fan.

  6. David says:

    I understand where she is coming from. A gorgeous woman who needed nothing to make her more gorgeous. However, she felt that she needed bigger tits to make her feel more comfortable. I understand this perfectly. I feel for her because you cannot improve upon perfection! No matter what you think of yourself I will always see you az gorgeous babes!!

  7. F.L. says:

    Hello Kira Noir, I love it, those new big tits.
    By the way, I like to see you making lesbian anal fisting movies. With your new tits. I like to see you get anal fisted by lesbians in a dogy style. I hoop to see many lesbian anal fisting from you again.
    Thank you.

  8. F.L. says:

    Hello Kira Noir, no matter what they say about your new boobs, I do love theme. Make theme mutch bigger. As I told you before, make some new lesbian anal fisting movies with these new big boobs.

  9. Mia says:

    Looks terrible.
    Her natural ones was perfect.

  10. Jie says:

    I preferre before. Maybe I’m bias caused I’ve watched her for years but yeah natural would have been my choice. I still love you though either way.

  11. Donnelle Johnson says:

    She is THE one, the facial beauty is TOP notch, the legs are excellent, and her perfect shaped butt is Devine, and this coupled with what her AMAZING lips and throat can do to BBC puts her “THEoneABOVEall!

  12. Stout says:

    She was perfect with her natural boobs this was just look out of place

  13. F.L. says:

    Yeah, it’s me again F.L. Make those lesbian anal fisting movies very soon. I like to see how you get ass fisted by Moona Snake and Gaida Sgh. And by small blond girls on a doggy style. As specialy with your new big tits. Don’t let me wait to lang. I hoop to see these movies in a few weeks. Thank you.

  14. Ola says:

    I love this new set of boob’s, i saw it. I was surprised. But it’s cool. Thumb up from here.

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