London Charles In A One-Piece Suit

Damn, she is looking nice and thick as hell in these pics. I love that orange one-piece suit and I want to suck her nipple in pic #3. I cant wait until she starts doing hardcore XXX.

London Charles at: TKM Exclusive
Deelishis Deelishis Deelishis Deelishis Deelishis Deelishis

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6 comments on “London Charles In A One-Piece Suit”

  1. yo momma says:

    Yo she sexy as hell but im tired of them air brushing the photos. I mean wheres the scares at on her chest and shoulders like in the ECM photos and mean no women is perfect so show what they got.

  2. yo daddy says:

    Word I feel u yo. They really need to stop.

  3. red says:

    She is sexy as hell airbrushed or not

  4. smurfe locc says:

    On ohio fuzz she look godod no matter what da fuk she got on her she can get it all da time

    exy sexy

  5. BigHRD2 says:

    i love that haircut and all, Deelishis you’re hella sexy just don’t
    stop it girl.

  6. theman says:

    she said she took these pics in 2004, she still thick as hell

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