Serena Williams Fine Ass

Serena Williams is most definatley my favourite sport chick. It’s not because of her grotesque face, her gorilla like arms or her tree trunks for legs but rather for her phat ass and tits. I fucking love that shit and no other sports chick comes close. On these pics Serena is sporting a mint green outfitwhich really compliments her ass, dont ya think?

Nude celebs: Mr. Skin
Serena Williams Serena Williams Serena Williams

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2 comments on “Serena Williams Fine Ass”

  1. Ernest Williams says:

    Ms. Wms. you really are a fabulous tennis player and your bootied body is most bodacious

  2. BigHRD2 says:

    Serena you got a real thick booty but you are a wonderful tennis player,
    I think we as men take that for granted. I’m really not gonna catch
    you in no restroom, lol I’m just joking. Atleast I admit you do probably
    get enough embarassment being a celebrity.

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